Second Vilzari War

(536-538/5) The Second Vilzari War was a conflict fought between the Ravinian Empire and Vilzar.

The war began the Vilzari King V’Nor D’Thak ordered a massive invasion from the south. His campaign was thwarted for two reasons; the Kerak wall held firm, and Imperial forces waged a courageous defense of the narrow winding passages in the Agatite Mountains.

The successful defense of the mountains passes was largely because of an alliance which the Empire had formed with several local Kashardi tribes. The Kashardi who lived in the Valley of Lost Cities, fiercely hated the Vilzari. More importantly, they and knew every secret passage in the region.


These, so-called, "Dust Barbarians," also showed themselves to be fierce fighters; taking a bloody toll on the invading Vilzari soldiers.

The Ravinian army eventually reinforced the Kerak, and outflanked the Vilzari; and in 538/5 the Imperial Navy captured the Vilzari’s crucial base of supply during the Battle of Eto.

The war led to a stunning Imperial victory over Vilzar, but led to later overconfidence which weakened the Empire in the next Vilzari conflict.


Even after the conflict ended, a lasting bond developed between Empress Ravinia and the Kashardi which endured for centuries.