Second War of the Saltmarsh

(695-698/6) The Second War of the Saltmarsh was a conflict fought between the Corsairs of Tar Vielca and an alliance of Kendar, Rennsfar, and Serathyr.

The conflict began in 695/6, when the Corsairs once again invaded Serathyr in the Saltmarsh region, and soon occupied large tracts of its territory.

That same year, King Arondel Sinclair was killed during the Battle of Alordan, while trying to defeat a large force of Tar Vielcan soldiers that had recently come ashore.

The Sinclair Dynasty then ended and was succeeded by King Damron Hansafar, who wisely saw the need for allies in the coming fight. He immediately sent emissaries to both the Republic of Kendar and the the Kingdom of Rennsfar, and a strong alliance was formed to stamp out the threat of the Corsairs once and for all.

Two years later, led by King Damron, the three allied fleets clashed with the Corsairs at the climactic battle of Ironclaw Point, where they achieved a decisive victory. It was during this epic naval battle, where King Damron earned his famous moniker; "Stormhand."

The allied fleet then sailed far to the south, and attacked the enemy capital of Tar Vielca, which was captured in 698/6 after a long siege. Damron ordered the city burnt and its inhabitants butchered to avenge years of theft, rape, and murder committed against his people.

Soon after, the Tar Vielcans sued for peace and the threat of piracy in the Sea of Ralas and the Shining Sea was ended for over a century.