Second War of the Saltmarsh

Second War of the Saltmarsh was a conflict lasting from 695-697/6 between the Corsairs of Tar Vielca and the kingdoms of Serathyr.

The Corsairs again invaded Serathyr in the Saltmarsh region, and soon claimed large tracts of territory. Early in the war, Serathian King Arondel Sinclair was killed during the Battle of Alordan trying to stop a large force of enemy raiders that has come ashore.

The Sinclair Dynasty then ended and was succeeded by King Damron Hansafar who led the Serathians to a decisive victory at the Battle of Ironclaw Point two years later. Damron then made an alliance with Rennsfar and sailed an allied fleet south to sack the city of Tar Vielca. The pirates soon sued for peace and the threat of sea raids against both Serathyr and Rennsfar was ended for many decades.