Seltar Isle

Seltar Isle is a desolate, scarcely populated island, located in the frigid Sea of Adar.

This large island is made up entirely of arctic tundra, conifer forests, and windswept glaciers.

The few people who live here, dwell in scattered villages along the southern coast, and are populated by either Hüornen tribes or Adari traders. Although the island is independent, most of its coastal villages carry on trade with the City-State of Khorlanis.

The central highlands of the islands are home to several tribes of Frost-Giants; in fact the island is named for the ancient "Sel-tar" tribe of of these large humanoids.

Because of its harsh climate, the island is inaccessible from the continent during the winter because the waters of the Nürn Myr and Sea of Adar freeze completely solid. In the harsh winter months, only intrepid travelers with dogs led teams even attempt to traverse the ice-covered waters that separate the island from the mainland.