Lost City of Selunë

Selunë; called "The City of the Moon" in elvish, was once a thriving elvish city-state located on ground that is today at the bottom of the Iron Sea. The city was destroyed in 884/3 during the Great Rift, and slipped beneath the waves forever.

The Grey-Elves of this realm traded with both the dwarves of Khûrzhad and Ralani men of Asgamoth.

All was well until 884/3, when the Great Rift totally destroyed the Elf-city of Selunë and it slipped beneath the surface of the Sea of Ralas forever. This tragedy for the elves was compounded by the fact that three of the famed Silvarils were located within the elvish palace atop Selunë.

After the destruction of the city, rumors began to spring up that the elves of Selunë had not died, but had simply adapted to their new surroundings. Over the centuries, there were many reports of a new breed of elves, with sparkling greenish-silver skin, webbed hands and feet, seen off the shores of the sea of Ralas. Many believe that these elves live in Selunë today, deep below the waves.

The only other remnant of the elvish civilization of Wyntharë was its sister-city of Alarë, which the elves abandoned shortly thereafter. Within a few hundred years, Ralani settlers moved there and claimed the ruins of Alarë as their own.