Selwyn Dynasty

The Selwyn Dynasty was the line of rulers descended from King Osric; who assumed the Brass Throne of Ammarind in 674/6, after the death of King Anrik Kilräen II during the Battle of Krell.

The Selwyn family ruled Ammarind for 278 years and a total of ten monarchs ruled from Athos-Sorel. The Selwyn Dynasty ended in 952/6 when King Haldric was slain in the War of the Forgotten King. The dynasty was succeeded by King Khedric Escalon, whose descendants still rule Ammarind today.

The ten Selwyn monarchs of Ammarind are listed below:

Osric 674-693/6 *
Ulrik 693-721/6
Marik 721-755/6
Thorik 755-782/6 †
Maladric 782-813/6
Rodrik 813-847/6
Anrik 847-883/6
Cedric 883-926/6
Osric 926-949/6
Haldric 949-952/6 †**