Sentinels (Khedron Noronë)

The Sentinels; also called "Khedron Noronë" by the elves, are an ancient order of rangers. Their elvish name means: "The ones who keep vigil."

The ancient order of the Sentinels have sworn to keep vigil on the East. This select groupof rangers, scouts, and druids is far older than the Grey Watchers, who were formed after the War of the Cataclysm.

The Order of Khedron Noronë was first formed in the Second Age by the Synfari; its ranks were made up entirely of Elder-Elves from Ectharë. These ancient, elven rangers kept vigil on the movements of the hated Dark-Elves, and later, on both Alokkair and Sorimmar.

Unfairly blamed for the fall of Thekarë in the Fourth Age, the Sentinels were dishonored and temporarily dis-banded. However, with the rise of the Ravinian Empire in the Fifth Age, the Sentinels were once again employed to watch the borders of the empire and give warning of any attack from beyond the Saugreth-Muir Mts.

During the Ravinian period, the Sentinels employed both elvish and human members; comprising mostly Wood-Elves and Woodsmen from the Borderlands. On behalf of the Empire, the Sentinels embarked on many dangerous missions in both Vilzar and Drakhara to obtain information and keep vigil upon their sworn enemies.


Most sages believe the Order was disbanded after the Cataclysm and replaced by the Order of Vharan.

But secretly, the Elvish King Eltheraf Elyrion re-formed the Sentinels in the early Sixth Age to serve the elvish court and the Synfari, as there was much mistrust between the High-Elves and the Veiled Society.