Serati Dynasty

The Serati Dynasty was the line of of rulers descended from King Ronan, who assumed the Dragon Throne of Ralas in 625/5, after King Alexian Montero II was slain during the Battle of Harkalad. This same family later ruled the kingdom of Serathyr.

The infamous House of Serati ruled Ralas for 558 years and a total of eighteen monarchs ruled from Iron Crown Keep. When the War of the Celadon broke out, King Durendil II led the loyalists against Lord Alaron Baranthyr’s forces. When Durendil was killed in the Battle of Edgecliffe, his nephew Kelthorn founded and assumed the throne of a new mainland kingdom called "Serathyr."

The Serati family then continued to rule Serathyr for another 115 years and a further five monarchs sat upon the Dragon Throne of Serathyr. The Serati Dynasty ended in 668/6 when King Ketharon was slain in the Battle of Sedgebrook, and was succeeded by King Atanamir Sinclair.

The Serati Monarchs of Ralas

Ronan 625-630/5, 1-26/6
Durendil 26-60/6
Drexel 60-97/6
Athrenar 97-128/6
Argilan 128-156/6
Droskar 156-184/6 †
Kelvin 184-211/6
Ketharon 211-252/6 †
Athrenar II 252-286/6
Damron 286-314/6 †
Kelvar 314-349/6
Ronan II 349-378/6
Drexel II 378-399/6 †
Athrenar III 399-424/6
Kelvar II 424-453/6 †
Doran 453-487/6
Ronan III 487-532/6
Durendil II 532-553/6†


The Serati Monarchs of Serathyr

Kelthorn 553-561/6
Kerth 561-587/6
Kelvin 587-603/6 †
Kelvar 603-663/6
Ketharon 663-668/6 †