Serpent-Folk (Yuan-Ti)

The Serpent-Folk; sometimes called the "Yuan-Ti," are a mysterious race of reptilian humanoids who once created a great civilization in the Sanjaara Jungle called Nagendra. To put it plainly, these creatures are a mix of a serpent and a human.

The capitol city of this reptilian empire was called S'serrak, and its ruins still exist today, deep within the Sanjaara Jungle. The Serpent-Empire even stretched across the Shining Sea, to the Islands known as the Serpent's Teeth. On this island chain, the serpent-folk built a great city called Salethar, on the Island of A'Val

There are multiple different types of Serpent-Folk. Some of the Serpent-Folk look more like snakes than others do, and some look more like humans, being nearly indistinguishable. There are three main sub-types of the Serpent-Folk race:

  • the Abominations
  • the Malisons
  • the Pure Bloods

The frightful Abominations appear much like giant snakes with arms, they are considered the nobility of the serpentine race. These are the strongest of all of the Serpent-Folk, and some might think that they are the most gifted and devoted to the serpent gods.

The next type are the Malisons, who have the head of snake, arms that are snakes, or a serpent bottom instead of legs. These Serpent-Folk are typically more dexterous ones.

Lastly the Pure Bloods are the most cunning and human-like of the Yuan-Ti, they appear mostly human, with minor reptilian features, such as slitted eyes, a forked tongue, or patches of scales on their skin. They serve as diplomats and infiltrators, pretending to be human, often looking exactly like humans except for their snake-like features.



Many thousands of years ago, before recorded history, there was a tribe that lived in the Sanjaara Jungle on Avokhar that went by the name of Yuan-Ti. Legend has it that the Yuan-Ti were once a human tribe that worshiped serpent gods. As time went on and the tribe became more devoted to their faith, they turned to cannibalism and humanoid sacrifice. The gods looked upon the Yuan-Ti with pleasure. Eventually, the Yuan-Ti wished to be so much like the serpent gods that they mated with snakes through terrible sorcery. And thus was born the race of Yuan-Ti as we know them today. They look upon there transformation as a gift from the gods and feel as if they are more like them now that they have transformed. The Yuan-Ti typically only worship the gods they do so that they might gain power through, and are willing to do whatever it takes to become even more powerful.


The Serpent-Folk are creatures without honor or remorse. They will fool outsiders, typically humanoids, into their tribes so that they might be able to sacrifice them to the serpent gods. The serpent gods they worship include Dendar, who feeds on fears and nightmares that her people instill into others, Merrshaulk, who has been dormant for a while and might come back if enough horrific acts are done, and Sseth, who created a divide between those who worship Merrshaulk and those who turned to him believing that he is a messenger of Merrshaulk.