Serpent-Folk ("Reptilians")

The Serpent-Folk; sometimes called "Reptilians," are a mysterious race of humanoids who once ruled Nagendra; a vast empire located in the Sanjaara Jungle.

The capital of Nagendra was a city named S'serrak. Its ruins still exist today, deep within the Sanjaara Jungle. The Serpent-Empire even stretched across the Shining Sea, to the Islands known as the Serpent's Teeth. On this distant island chain, the serpent-folk built a great city called A'Val, on the Island of Kalamos.


There are multiple sub-species of Serpent-Folk; all of whom possess varying degrees of human
Characteristics. Some Serpent-Folk look far more like actual snakes, while others appear nearly identical to humans.

There are three known variants of the Serpent-Folk race:

  • the Abominations
  • the Malisons
  • the Pure Bloods

The frightful Abominations appear much like giant snakes with arms, and are considered the nobility of the serpentine race. The Abominations are the strongest of all Reptilians, and believe themselves to be most closely aligned with the Serpent-Gods.

The Malisons appear to have the head of snake, arms that are snakes, or a serpent bottom instead of legs. These Reptilians are typically more dexterous.

The Pure Bloods are the most cunning and human-like of the Reptilians. They appear mostly human, with minor reptilian features, such as slitted eyes, a forked tongue, or patches of scales on their skin. These creatures serve as diplomats, infiltrators, and spies. The pure-bloods use thier human-like appearance to blend into human society.



According to legend, many thousands of years ago, there was once a human tribe that lived on the continent of Azoria, deep inside the Sanjaara Jungle. These primitive peoples called themselves the "Na-Ja."

The Na-Ja tribe worshiped serpent gods with fanatic devotion, even resorting to sorcery, cannibalism and humanoid sacrifice.

the Na-Ja tribe first founded the ancient settlement of S'serrak; which would one day grow into the capital of the fearsome Empire of Nagendra.

Legend has it; these, so-called "Serpent-Gods" looked upon the Na-Ja tribe with pleasure. Eventually, the Na-Ja wished to be so much like their serpent gods that they actually mated with snakes through terrible sorcery. And thus was born the race of the Serpent-folk, or "Reptilians," as they are commonly known today.

The creatures consider their transformation as a gift from their gods and look upon all other species with both hatred and disdain.


The Serpent-Folk are creatures utterly without honor or remorse. They will often invite outsiders, typically humanoids, into their lairs so that they can later sacrifice them to the serpent gods, or feed upon them.

The most powerful of the Serpent-Gods worshiped by the Reptilians is Dendar; a gigantic, terrifying serpent, that feeds upon the nightmares of living creatures.