Serpent's Skull

Serpent's Skull is a Pathfinder ® Adventure Path; converted for use in the Corwyn Game-Setting

Serpent's Skull; the Story

Serpent's Skull; Player Handouts

List of PCs:

  • Brian
  • Chuck
  • Erika
  • Lene

List of NPCs:

  • Alizandru Captain of the Jenivere
  • Alton, 1st mate of the Jenivere
  • Demetrio; passenger on Jenivere (Kendarum Agent)
  • Eledeer
  • Ezra
  • Iraska
  • Jask Derindi; passenger on Jenivere (Seeker Agent)
  • Nyalathi
  • Rhys Mavato; passenger on Jenivere (Ironwolf Consortium Agent)
  • Sh’athik
  • S’Ratha
  • Sozrin
  • Urschlar
  • Volkavi
  • Yara; passenger on Jenivere (the serpent-folk priestess & main antagonist)
  • Zatara; pirate who rescues party

List of Corwyn Locations:



The landscape was grim and featureless, like it was still being formed. The huge dark jungle came right up to the beach and stretched as far as the eye could see. The sun was fierce and the land looked like it was sweating. Every once in a while, a grayish-white speck with a little flag over it became visible. These were settlements from centuries past. They looked like mere dots in the enormous jungle.