Setirah; the Pharaoh of Forgotten Plagues

Setirah; known as the "Pharaoh of Forgotten Plagues," was the daughter of Horak, and a powerful Imperial Pharaoh of Shorafa.

Setirah is famous for two traits; her brilliance as a military commander, and her utter ruthlessness toward her enemies and political rivals.

During her reign, Setirah used disease as a weapon to conquer the rival Nimbori Empire, earning her the title of "Pharaoh of Forgotten Plagues."

Setirah was equally famous for her utter ruthlessness, cruelty, and mastery of political intrigue.

Use of the Night Plague

As a child, Setirah witnessed her father's defeats at the hands of the hated Nimbori. She swore to avenge this humiliation, and turned to a powerful sorcerer named Ahriman and his Usiji Cult to achieve her goal.

Ahriman and his followers unleashed the "Night Plague" upon the Nimbori Empire, whose population was so devastated they were unable to resist a Shorafi invasion a few short years later.

When her armies burst into the enemy capital of Syrene, Setirah ordered Queen Xolani; the Nimbori ruler, to be brought before her. But Xolani took poison rather than face the prospect of capture.

After her victory over Nimbor, Setirah betrayed the Usiji Cult. She ordered Ahriman executed and banished his followers into the desolate Sea of Sand.