Seven Champions of the West

Term for the seven kings chosen by the Council of Sorcerë to lead their peoples in the West and protect them against the tyranny of the East. The seven men were chosen for their courage, integrity, and leadership abilities. Each was eventually given a powerful weapon called a Melanthir to wield as symbol of their rank. The Council of Sorcerë originally desired to give one Melanthir to each of the leading families of the seven races of men, but because of Kor the Magnificent, the Vaas people were deemed unfit, and the race of Thann instead received two Melanthir.

The seven champions were:

the Aeryn King Eradan Myrnäe of Alveron
the Amari King Edric Atharë of Amar
the Iskari King Ilnavel Cyrenäe of Cyrendar
the Ralani King Athrenar Rennarë of Ralas
the Thalari King Algerd Marothë of Thalar
the Thannish King Eldan Durethë of Eldara
the Thannish King Rhodan Mallistäer of Rhodara.