Seven Glorious Conquests

The so-called "Seven Glorious Conquests" of Emperor Al'Dur Kharata were a series of brilliant military campaigns that he commanded against the Seven Cities of Bronze in the early years of the Eloysian Empire.

The seven military campaigns were waged by the young Emperor between the years AR 12 and AR 38, as he expanded his newly-founded Empire. The seven conquests were named after the seven military campaigns against all Seven Cities of Bronze. For years, the seven powerful coastal city-states had openly defied the treaties set forth byAl'Dur's mother; Queen Lorica. Once Al'Dur assumed the Jade Throne, all seven city-states eventually became military targets.

The campaigns went from north to south down the Bronze Coast, with each one getting progressively more difficult as resistance mounted. Only two of the cities surrendered without a siege, whereas the other five were all besieged and captured after bloody fighting. The first city to be captured was Sionjhäe, which surrendered and opened its gates in the year AR 12, after its army was annihilated on the field by the Eloysians at the famous battle of Zhared. By AR 14, the city of Thiele Graavos also surrendered after a year of bloody pitched battles and delaying actions.

The third campaign began in the year AR 16 against Xhaarata. This campaign was more difficult because Queen Majadra; the ruler of Xhaarata hired ten-thousand Daroon mercenaries from the Golden Falcon Company to augment her own army. Nevertheless, the combined forces were defeated. Queen Majadra refused to surrender and the city was besieged for many months before its walls were breached and the city sacked in the year AR 21. The Queen took poison rather than surrender and Xhaarata was left a broken ruin.


The fourth campaign began in the year AR 23 against Al’Than E’Thai, and ended with the capture of that city in the year AR 25

The fifth campaign began in the year AR 27 against Dhal Viera, and ended with the capture of that city in the year AR 30

The sixth campaign began in the year AR 31 against Vhal Quaaros, and ended with the capture of that city in the year AR 35

The seventh campaign began in the year AR 36 against Ona Miertay, and ended with the capture of that city in the year AR 38

By the time, Al'Dur completed his last campaign; he had defeated and conquered the following city-states; Al’Than E’Thai, Dhal Viera, Ona Miertay, Sionjhäe, Thiele Graavos, Vhal Quaaros, and Xhaarata.