Severan Navalent

Severan Navalent is a Ralani nobleman who currently serves as Lord-Governor of Caldera.

The House of Navalent has ruled Caldera for nearly 200 years, having been first appointed by the Council of Nobles to rule in their name.

Severan is widely viewed as a charismatic leader, who is well-liked by both the commoners and the nobility. He has a reputation as a mild-mannered, but capable politician. Although, recently, Lord Navalent's popularity has dropped after persistent criticism about taxation from his political nemesis; Arlin Maavu.

As the ruler of Caldera, Severan maintains good relations with the Dawn Council of Sasserine, as well as the rulers of Hollow-Sky, Kingfisher Hollow, Redgorge, and the Republic of Kendar. He spends most of his days at City Hall, meeting with important merchants, squabbling nobles, and foreign ambassadors visiting the city.

In the evenings, however, Severan enjoys the comforts of the Golden Sunrise, an exclusive, private club. Rumor has it; most truly important city business is transacted there, not at his official residence.