Lost Realm of Sha'Dur

Sha'Dur was an advanced civilization, ruled by a powerful order of wizards, which once controlled much of Azoria.

Thousands of years ago, northern Azoria was controlled by a race of men known as the Shadurians, who built a highly advanced civilization using never before seen skills in the magical arts.

The wizards of Sha'Dur were known as the Iridescent Order, and their members wielded both the knowledge and the power to build fantastic structures, control dragons, and to create many of the magical creatures still prowling the Sanjaara Jungle today.

The Order would chose a senior member as its leader, who was then granted the title of "Overlord." These Overlords maintained supreme authority over the Shadurian people

Shadurian society was highly advanced, with a highly educated and largely literate population.

As an indication of their love of learning, the Shadurians established several well known schools, called "Prestige Academies," to foster knowledge in various intellectual disciplines. These schools were centered around the massive city of Garuda, the Shadurian capital.

Relations with the Spell-Weavers

Sages have discovered bas-reliefs from ruined ziggurats of ancient Sha'Dur, that depict six-armed figures, which have been identified as the mysterious race called the Spell Weavers.

According to ancient Shadurian texts, these strange, other-worldly creatures beings, called themselves the "Anu-naki". The Shadurians believed the Anu-naki to be a race of gods who lifted Sha'Dur out of barbarism and taught its peoples many secrets which were then used to build their civilization.

The Thracian Wars

In the year, AR -232, Sha'Dur came to ruled by an ambitious Overlord named Thrace, who harbored a thirst for conquest. Under his rule, the Shadurians expanded their territory, until they encountered the small human nation of Eloysia.

At that time, the small Kingdom of Eloysia was ruled by King Delario Kharata, a stubborn man who refused to give up any of his territory. The Shadurian armies invaded Eloysia, intent on quickly overwhelming the tiny Eloysian military.


But Delario's forces put up an incredible fight, defeating far larger Shadurian armies in several pitched battles. Overlord Thrace was no fool.

He recognized that King Delario made a far better ally than an enemy, so in the year AR -225, he arranged a peace agreement called the "Treaty of Khorand."

After the treaty, the Shadurian Overlords began hiring Eloysian soldiers as mercenaries. For many years Eloysian regiments fought under the Shadurian banner, and won them many victories. The Shadurians called these hired soldiers "Myrmidons."

Relations with Eloysia

The Eloysians taught the Shadurians the refined art of warfare, and the Shadurians gave the gift of enlightenment to the Eloysians, teaching King Tilvanos and his people literacy, science, magic, and philosophy. Nearly all of modern Eloysian culture is derived from the Shadurians.

The War of Scorching Flame

For over 60 years, Sha'Dur found itself engaged in a long and costly conflict with Shorafa; its northern neighbor. This conflict was called the War of Scorching Flame, and left the realm bankrupt and weak.

The Fall of Sha'Dur

In the year AR 237, the Eloysian Emperor Mazur the Destroyer invaded the nation of Sha'Dur; conquering them and destroying their cities of Garuda and Nas'Krii. The Emperor ordered both cities burned and forbade anyone from ever again entering the ruins. The reason behind this invasion remains unclear, as the two nations had been long-time allies.



Today, in the northern regions of the Sha'Dur Mountains, the ruins of Garuda still exist, as testament to the nation's former glory.

Scattered throughout that same region are various stone structures built for the Shadurians by the mysterious Spell-Weavers. What the significance of any of these structures represents; no one can conclusively say.

The only surviving remnants of Shadurian culture can be found in the present-day nation of Al'Hazra.