Lost Realm of Sha'Dur

Sha'Dur is a long-lost civilization, once located in northern Avokhar.

Ruled by extremely powerful mages, armed with massive knowledge of the arcane arts, the realm of Sha'Dur lasted for thousands of years. It was destroyed by the Eloysian Empire long ago. The ruins of its capitol city; Garuda, still exist today and are a testament to its former glory. The Iridescent Order, the famous wizards of Sha'Dur, once wielded the secret knowledge to control dragons, and create many magical creatures still prowling the Sanjaara jungles today. The rulers of Sha'Dur were known as the Overlords, and wielded supreme authority.

For over 60 years, Sha'Dur found itself engaged in a long and costly conflict with Shorafa; its northern neighbor. This conflict was called the War of Scorching Flame, and left the realm bankrupt and weak.

Ironically; the Shadurians gave the gift of enlightenment to the Eloysians, teaching King Tilvanos and his people literacy, science, magic, and philosophy. Nearly all of modern Eloysian culture is derived from the Shadurians. Ironically, in the year AR 237, the Eloysian Emperor Mazur the Destroyer eventually betrayed his benefactors and invaded Sha'Dur; conquering them and destroying their city of Garuda. This tragic event was brought on largely by two factors: the treachery of the Rakshasa, and Mazur's irrational hatred of his childhood Shadurian tutor.

The peoples of Sha'Dur were known as Shadurians, and most their secrets were lost with the fall of their ancient civilization.

Today, the remnants of the Shadurian culture can be found in the realm of Al'Hazra.