Shackled City: The Story


Nestled in the remains of a long-dormant volcano lies the small city-state of Caldera; a quiet community located on the Continent of Azoria, near the edge of the vast, dense Sanjaara Jungle.

Sadly, the quiet times for this city seem to have ended, for the community has been plagued by a series of brash kidnappings.

In desperation, Jenya Urikas; a young cleric of Berevrom, has reached out to you for help in finding the four missing children and putting an end to this dark crime spree plaguing her city.

The Story So far

Chapter-1: Life’s Bazaar (Levels 1 – 2)

- PCs hired by Jenya and Gretchen Stokeworth to find four kidnapped children; Deakin, Evelyn, Lucinda, Terram (Handout-1)

- PCs stay night at Lucky Monkey Inn, learn many rumors about city (Handout-2)

- On route to Caldera, PCs ambushed by Tasloi hunting party (blow guns/nets)

- PCs explore the city, Attend a public meeting to meet several important NPCs: Severan Navalent, Terseon Skellerang, Ochio Vhalantru, Arlin Maavu, Thirifane Rhivaldi, Embryl Alustani

- PCs witness an attack by thugs from the Last Laugh, encounter Jil. Rescue the cleric Rufus. Learn the thugs were sent to scare off the clerics of Berevrom from investigating the kidnappings. Party meets and befriends guardsman named Skylar Krewlis. (Handout-3)

- Jenya tells party about a disturbing dream she had. She sees a link between kidnappings, an ancient Dwarven stronghold below city called Jzadirune, and a locksmith Keygan Ghelve. (Handout-4).

- PCs investigate the Orphanage and Locksmith shop. Learn a group of skulks and dark creepers kidnapped Ghelve’s wife, Katia and blackmailed him into giving them master keys for all the locks in city(Handouts-5,5a)

- PCs explore Halls of Jzadirune (Malachite fortress) defeat skulks, hobgoblins, dark creepers, many traps (Handouts-6,6a)

Chapter-2: Drakthar’s Way (Levels 2 – 3)

- PCs explore lower halls of Malachite fortress, defeat Kazmojen (head slaver) and Drakthar (hobgoblin priest) encounter Beholder who takes child Terram away. PCs rescue the other three kidnap victims. (Handouts-7,8)

- PCs learn of the slaving operation in the Underdark, ambush party of drow led by Jolani.

- Return 3 of 4 kidnapped children to Gretchen at Orphanage

Chapter-3: Flood Season (Levels 3 – 4)

- At large awards celebration, PC learn much about city politics. They discover: 1) someone cast a spell over the entire City Hall to prevent alignment detection. 2) Maavu trying to convince Sir Alaric Tercival to run against current governor, 3) that Lady Thirifane has arranged for her niece, Rhianon Rhivaldi to Marry Ochio Vhalantru, and 4) Jenya hires them to find Saracem who has gone missing on mission to Sasserine to buy several magic wands. (Handout-9)

- PCs investigate Lucky Monkey, find everyone murdered, defeat a gang of brigands and gnolls led by a Were-Baboon named "Tongue-eater." Also discover that the villain behind the attack is a woman named "Triel," whom they previously met on their journey there.

- Upon their return to Caldera, party is given a note to meet at the Lakeside Pavilion to buy information on Triel and the location of the missing wands.

- Party met Jil at the Pavilion, in exchange for a bribe, she gave them directions to Triel's hideout in abandoned kopru ruins, located nearby. the Exploration of the ruins began