Shadow Pearls

Shadow Pearls are legendary, evil artifacts created long ago by the Kopru

The Shadow Pearls are the stuff of legends among both sages and seafarers from the Wild Coast of Azoria.

According to those legends; these evil artifacts of destruction and madness were created long ago by an evil race of aquatic creatures called the Kopru, who created them to honor thier deity, Demogorgon.

The Shadow Pearls are roughly the size of a man’s fist, and all have a uniform texture; glossy, oily black. Staring into them results in ghastly images invading the mind of the looker, and some who have seen them can swear that they can hear teeming howls of anguish if they stare into very long.

Upon being activated, each pearl releases a cloud of green, acrid, oily mist that quickly spreads to envelop an area of several square miles.

Those who come into contact with these vapors are subject to the effects of a plague called "Savage Fever", which causes a homicidal madness in all who suffer from its effects.


Legend has it; the origins of these oily, black pearls are somehow related to the ancient legend of the Savage Tide: a mysterious, catastrophic event which destroyed the Olman City-State of Thanaclan on the Isle of Dread.

The Shadow Pearls were depicted in ancient. Olman carvings discovered in the ruins of Thanaclan. Over the years, many expeditions have been undertaken to the Isle of Dread in search of these famed Pearls.

So far, all these expeditions have ended tragically. The most well-known of these failed expeditions was that led by Captain Rory Barbarosa.