Freehold of Shadowbend

Capitol: Shadowbend (population: 6,000)
Population: 44,000 (92% Aeryn, 6% Amari, 2% other)
Demi-humans: 9,000 (25% dwarves, 20% elves, 15% halflings, 40% gnomes)
Humanoids: some
Government: Freehold
Current Leader: Viscount Alaric Exelon
Coat of Arms: a black seven pointed mace on a Grey field.
Imports: vegetables, grain, livestock, iron
Exports: timber, weapons, crafts

Shadowbend is a small freehold located east of Alveron, located in the Borderlands region.

The freehold is deep within the Bramblethorn Forest. The freehold has a small population, and its capitol is the large village of the same name. The freehold has poor relations with the freehold of Archer’s Vale. Shadowbend, is technically neutral, but always seems to act in its own best interest in time of war. This neutrality is necessary because of its vulnerable position in the central Borderlands. The freehold is constantly plagued with raiders, brigands and marauding bands of orcs from the East.