Lost City of Shalast

Known as the "City of Greed," Shalast was once a thriving metropolis and the capital of the Imperial District of Fornaven.

This immense city was located on Ikharos, in a high-altitude valley within the Hollow Mountains.

At one time, Shalast was the largest city in the Iskari Empire, and for many years, was ruled by a powerful Runelord known as Karzoug.

Overlooking the city was the icy peak of Mhar Massif; a towering monolith of stone which was the highest point on the entire continent.

Carved into that pinnacle of rock was the face of Karzoug; an enduring testament to his vanity.

Since the cataclysmic events of Skyfall, this once magnificent city has become a frozen wasteland of crumbling stone, infested with demons and other dark creatures.

The Mines Below the City

Underneath the city ruins is the Hypogeum, a vast network of underground passages which were originally mines. These mines were once worked by huge armies of slaves who brought fabulous wealth to the Runelords.