Shalcross Dynasty

The Shalcross Dynasty was the line of rulers descended from King Irithar, who assumed the Onyx Throne of Cyrendar in 625/6 after the death of King Inzaril Blackburn III during the Battle of Harkalad.

The House of Shalcross ruled Cyrendar for 397 years and a total of twenty-three monarchs sat on the throne at Erôn-Wyntharë. The Shalcross Dynasty ended in 392/6 when King Irovar II abdicated the throne and sailed off Corwyn in search of the lost Iskari Empire. He was succeeded by King Iscar Novaro.

The twenty-three Shalcross monarchs of Cyrendar are listed below:

Irithar 625-630/5,1-16/6 *
Ilathrin 16-29/6
Iscar 29-57/6
Ilmethar 57-64/6
Istus 64-76/6
Ilcathar 76-101/6
Ikharos 101-133/6
Irithar II 133-152/6
Irovar 152-180/6
Iskhanar 180-195/6
Ilcathar 195-220/6
Inzaril 207-220/6
Iscar II 220-237/6
Ilathrin II 237-251/6
Ilnavel 251-256/6 †
Ilmethar II 256-259/6 †
Ikharos II 259-281/6
Irithar III 281-302/6
Ilathrin III 302-327/6
IIvarian 327-331/6 †
Iskhanar II 331-359/6
Idris 359-380/6
Irovar II 380-392/6 **