Shalcross Dynasty

The Shalcross Dynasty was a line of Iskari rulers descended from King Irithar, who assumed rulership of Iskandar in the year 625/6 after the death of King Inzaril Blackburn III during the Battle of Harkalad.

The House of Shalcross ruled the kingdom for 397 years and a total of twenty-three monarchs sat upon the Onyx Throne at Castle Osprey.

The Shalcross Dynasty ended in 392/6 when King Irovar II abdicated the throne and sailed off Corwyn in search of the lost Iskari Empire. He was succeeded by King Iscar Novaro.

The Shalcross Monarchs of Iskandar

Irithar 625-630/5,1-16/6 *
Ilathrin 16-29/6
Iscar 29-57/6
Ivarian 57-64/6
Irovia 64-76/6
Ilvanos 76-101/6
Ilnavel 101-133/6
Ilathrin II 133-152/6
Irovar 152-180/6
Iskhanar 180-195/6
Ilcathar 195-220/6
Inzaril 207-220/6
Iscar II 220-237/6
Irenicus 237-251/6
Ilnavel 251-256/6 †
Indira 256-259/6 †
Ikharos 259-281/6
Irithar 281-302/6
Ilathrin III 302-327/6
Ivarian II 327-331/6 †
Ithicus 331-359/6
Idris 359-380/6
Irovar II 380-392/6 **