Lost Empire of Shang-Zhou

Shang-Zhou was an ancient empire of the Far East, that for 3,000 years, brought peace and prosperity to the Daroon people.

Traditional histories trace the founding of The Empire to the Year 585 of the Second Age, when it was created by Zhou Xing-ha; the "First Cloud Emperor," after he defeated the legendary Three Sovereigns.


According to ancient Daroon texts and oracle bone inscriptions, before the Xing-ha Dynasty was established, battles were frequent between the Xiang and Su-Chiang tribes.

The Xiang tribe slowly developed around the time of Zhou Xing-ha; a legendary figure who would later become the first of the "Cloud-Emperors." The ancient records of the Grand Historians and the Temple of the Oracles say that Zhou was a fierce warrior, a powerful mage, and a disciplined monk, who overcame many adversities to become the ruler of the Xiang Tribe.

Zhou's attempt to stop the Great Flood

Zhou was the earliest recorded ruler of the Xiang Tribe. When the Yellow River flooded, many tribes united together to control and stop the flooding. Zhou took it upon himself to stop the flooding that was devastating his peoples. The attempt of Zhou to stop the flooding lasted for nine years.

At first, He ordered the construction of large blockades to block the path of the water, but the blockages failed because the floods became stronger. After nine years, Zhou met a powerful Cloud-Dragon named Feng-zhi, who used her magical powers to stop the flooding and save the Xiang people. In gratitude, Zhou became King and married his beloved Cloud-dragon Queen.

Establishment of the Empire

Zhou's success in stopping the flooding increased agricultural production, since the floods were quite destructive. Based on this success, the Xiang tribe's power greatly increased and Zhou became the leader of not only the Xiang, but also several surrounding tribes. Soon afterwards, Zhou then led his army to suppress the Su-Chiang tribe, which continuously abused the border regions of his territory.

After defeating the Su-Chiang, he exiled them north to the Forbidden Hills region. This victory strengthened the Xiang tribe's power even more. Eventually through the "nine conquests," Zhou, defeated all three sovereigns, conquered all the Daroon tribes and united them under his banner. Soon after, he was declared the first "Cloud-Emperor." his descendants became the illustrious Xing-ha Dynasty.

As Zhou aged, he often thought of a successor and upon his death, he relinquished the throne to his fifth son; Yang, whom he deemed most worthy. Yang's succession marks the start of the Xing-ha Dynasty. As Yang neared death he passed the throne to his third son, Qui; most capable candidate, instead of passing it to his eldest son. This tradition set the sacred precedent for dynastic rule or the "Hereditary System." The Xing-ha Dynasty then began a long period of family or clan control. The ancient city of Zhengys was the capital of the Empire.

The Shang-Zhou Empire at its peak

The Xing-ha Dynasty lasted for thousands of years, advancing the culture of the Daroon people to new heights, and bringing peace and prosperity to the region for many centuries. Eventually, the capital was moved to the city of Nakata, where the Cloud-Emperors dwelt in a fabulous citadel known as the "Palace of Great Brightness;" a legendary fortress that sages claim has 1,000 Rooms.


The War of the False Spring

By the early years of the Fourth Age, The Empire of Shang-Zhou; which at the time was ruled by the tragically incompetent Cloud-Emperor Singh, found itself at odds with a new power that was expanding eastward. This new power was the fledgling Kingdom of Adar, which had the backing of its ally; Amar, as well as the strong magical powers of King Markov Penrose.

The Adari invasion of 275/4, began the terrible War of the False Spring. At this time, the Adari forces were well-organized and well-trained; the imperial armies, made up of peasant conscripts, were the exact opposite. In the year 287/4, at the fateful Battle of Zorath Valley, the Empire was decisively defeated. That same year, Adari forces sacked and burned the imperial capital of Zhengys. Afterward, The Empire of Shang-Zhou was in a state of constant decline.

Collapse of the Empire

Hansu; the last Xing-ha Emperor, was said to be completely corrupt and a mad-man. He was overthrown by a warlord named Shao-Zheng, in a long and terrible revolt called the War of the Three Rings. That war raged in the Far East between the years 737/4 and 795/4, and devastated the entire region. In the fateful year of 795/4, the empire collapsed and the Far East fell into complete anarchy for nearly 1,000 years, before the establishment of the modern-day nation of Kurand.