Shankara Del Vecchio

Shankara Del Vecchio is a well-known aristocrat and socialite from the city of Durendar.

Family History

The Del Vecchios are an old family with a powerful name. Few people today realize that Shankara, her brother, Ivarian, and their father, Sydon, are all descendants of a family which once ruled the entire nation of Thûle.

The House of Del Vecchio was overthrown in the year 43/5, just after King Caronius and both his sons were slain during the battle of Ralansyr. In the wake of that battle, a scheming Lord named Mordred Mankhari saw his opportunity and seized power. His knights killed Caronius' only daughter and her three children. Within weeks, a dozen of Caronius' brothers, sisters and cousins were executed as well.

Only a handful of Del Vecchios escaped by fleeing into exile. One of these was a young boy named Cassius, who was exiled and hidden away to prevent his murder a the hands of Mordred's agents. Cassius lived out his life in Orel, and his descendants remained there for generations.

About 400 years ago, the Del Vecchio family returned to Durendar, although not as royalty, but as wealthy merchants. Since that time, the family has continued to prosper and gained much prestige and influence throughout the city. The House of Morag does not consider them a threat or even a serious rival, so they are allowed to live in peace.