Fortress City of Shard

(population 78,000) This fortress city is the strongest bastion of Kendar and the northern gateway to the famous Sky-Valley of the Kendarum. Located at the base of the Hellfire Mountains, the city is not just a fortress, but also a major center of commerce, trading and a thriving seaport. Also called the "low-city," because it is the lowest in elevation to the five cities of Kendar.

The city is located in a coastal lagoon, made up of five rocky islands, surrounded by water, encircled on three sides by 100 foot bluffs, and the fourth by a sheer mountain, containing five waterfalls. The city was founded by King Axilar Rennarë of Ralas, when he discovered the hidden inlet on his voyage south. The inlet was simply called "overlook" and wasn't named Shard until years later as it grew into a major city.

The name Shard comes from the shards of thousands of steels blades that have broken upon its walls in unsuccessful invasions. The lagoon in front of the city is also walled to protect its harbor, and the powerful Kendarum navy. Between two of the massive waterfalls is a narrow passage hewn through the rock that leads up to the famed Sky-Valley that holds the the cities of Kendar, Axilon and Dragonloft. Shard is the only gateway through the otherwise impassable Firestorm range. Over the centuries, has needed to fend off dozens of attacks by both the Vilzari and the pirates of Tar Vielca. The city has never fallen to any foe, and its status as a sanctuary of peace and calm has secured its mercantile success and made the Sky Lords wealthy beyond imaginable. Shard is ruled by the Sky Lord Anaster Falconi