(population 78,000) Located along the Wild Coast of Azoria, Shard is a massive, fortified city called the "Gateway to Kendar."

This heavily fortified seaport serves as the only western entrance into the famed Sky-Valley of Kendar.

Located at the far western foothills of the Hellfire Mountains, Shard is a leading center for commerce on the Wild Coast. The Kendari call Shard the "low-city," because, of the five cities of the Republic, it is the lowest in elevation.

The city is situated on Overlook Harbor; a coastal lagoon made up of five rocky islands, surrounded by water and encircled on three sides by stark, 100 foot bluffs, one which contains two enormous waterfalls.

The Lagoon was formed by the very waterfall that flows down the northern side of the stone valley surrounding the city, and it serves as the city's fresh water supply. The entry to the lagoon is covered with massive iron gates to protect its harbor, and the many Kendarum ships within.

Between the two massive waterfalls is a long narrow passage, which was excavated long ago by dwarven miners. That long stone tunnel leads up to the famed Sky-Valley which holds the cities of Axilon, Dragonsbluff, Highspire, and Kendar City.

Today, Shard is ruled by the Sky Lord Anaster Falconi; an important member of the prestigious Kendarum.


Local History

The city of Shard was first founded by King Axilar Sanborn of Ralas, when he discovered the hidden inlet on his great expedition to Azoria. Back then, the inlet was simply called "Overlook" and wasn't named Shard until many years later, after the settlement had grown into a major city.

King Axilar left his son; Kendros in charge of the the fledgling settlement. Prince Kendros, skilled engineer, ordered construction of the massive fortifications and the famous sea-gates built into the cliffs of Overlook Harbor.

Because of these protections, Shard soon grew into a major seaport and the primary source of Kendari wealth. But the city's neighbors envied that wealth and soon put its defenses to the test. In fact, the name "Shard" comes from the shards of thousands of steels blades that have broken upon its walls in many unsuccessful invasions.

Over the centuries, Shard has needed to fend off dozens of attacks by the Eloysian Empire, the Vilzari and the pirates of Tar Vielca. The city has never fallen to any foe, and its status as a sanctuary of peace and calm has secured its mercantile success and made the Sky Lords wealthy beyond imagination.