(population: 64,000) thriving seaport and capitol city of the island realm of Rhaygos. This bustling city is the heart of all the eastern spice trade on the Vhan Myr, and is an incredibly wealthy city. Towering over the skyline is the gigantic Rhodium Palace built thousands of years ago for the Dragonfly Emperors of Old Xhola.

The large Sharna harbor is accessible only through a narrow inlet of land that serves as a giant breakwater, protecting the many ships in port. The docks of Sharna are among the busiest in the world. At any time, over 500 assorted merchant vessels from Al' Kethai, Ilsenene, Malvatis, Orel, Styr, the Seven Cities of Brass, and Yamada are moored in the bustling triangular tree-lined harbor.


The city of Sharna has a long history. The city was founded as a colony of Old Xhola, an ancient Hakeen civilization who controlled much of Za'Har and had expanded west into the Vhan Myr in search of riches and trade. Later, after the fall of Old Xhola, the city became the capitol of the Xholar Empire and the islanders built the lavish Rhodium Palace in the center of the city.

Later, the Imperial Dragonfly Emperors moved to the Corwyn city of Ashkavan. After the Xholar Empire collapsed, Sharna was established as an independent Sultanate. This lasted until the city and its people were conquered by the Eloysian Empire. After the end of Eloysian rule, Sharna became an independent city once again and has remained so ever since.