(population: 36,000) Sharularen is the largest known Illithid city in the Underdark of Corwyn.

The strange and exotic city of Sharularen is filled with strange, horrific creatures originating from Charos, but despite its horrors, the city is also filled with wondrous art and culture.

Today, the city is a hive for Mind-flayer culture, and is home to the eldest brain pool on Corwyn. Like most Illithid cities, the Flayers make up only a small percentage of the total population. There are approximately 4,500 Mind-Flayers living in this city, the remainder are slaves, thralls, and other servient races.

Creation of the Duergar

Long ago, the Mind-Flayers, with the assistance of a mercenary army of Dark-Elves, conquered the Dwarven city of Nekrum-Feyr; capturing thousands of dwarves. Those captives were eventually brought to Sharularen and once there subjected to many, cruel experiments.

The purpose of these experiments was to create a hybrid-race of dwarves who would serve the Illithids as slaves, but also be proficient with warfare, engineering, and psionics. In various dark laboratories within the bowels of this subterranean city, the mind-flayers completed endless cruel and inhumane experiments, which created the race known today as the Duergar.


Eventually, the Duergar population of Sharularen revolted, throwing the city into chaos. The rebellion was put down, and the surviving Duergar fled the city. Over time, they scattered and established their own underdark lairs.

But even today, the name Sharularen is still spoken with vitriol and bitterness by the Gray-Dwarves.