Shining Sea

The Shining Sea is the southern, tropical region of the vast Wyn Myr ocean.

The Shining Sea is home to several island chains and many diverse civilizations. Island chains include the Firestorm Islands, the Isle of Dread, the Serpent's Teeth, the Mist Kingdom, and the Olman Islands. The well-known island nations of Nimbor and Tar Vielca are also found here.

In addition; this region is home to the infamous Great Sargasso.

Regional Points of Interest:

Axuxal Islands: These scarcely populated islands are home to the Olman settlement of Renkrue, and little else. The inner harbors of the islands serve to protect ships and several waterfalls provide a source of freshwater.


Caldera: (Population: 7,830) Also called "Cauldron;" this small inland city is located dormant volcano, 80 miles east of Sasserine. The residents of Cauldron are key trading partners with the merchants of Sasserine and the two cities have been known to ally together if need arises. Caldera is currently ruled by Lord Severan Navalent.

Isle of Dread: This massive island holds many dangers and is difficult to travel to. The Isle is rumored to be home to giant beasts, demons, and other evil creatures. It is also home to a small human colony called Farshore.

Firestorm Isles: A chain of active volcanoes, covered in clouds of ash and poisonous fumes. Very few humans dwell on these islands out of safety, but there are rich mineral and gem deposits located here, so hearty adventurers and miners have been known to try their luck for short visits, usually until the next eruption.

The Great Sargasso: A huge expanse of seaweed floating in the Shining Sea. The Sargasso is a well-known hazard to sailors around Corwyn and nicknamed the "graveyard of ships."

The Mist Kingdom: Very little of these islands is known, other than they are perpetually covered in thick mists which cause such a danger to ships that most sailors steer well clear of the area.

The Nimbor Islands: This chain of eleven large and thirty-three small islands is home to a powerful, matriarchal Nation.

Olman Islands: the only known civilization of the Olman people is located on this chain of five islands. The largest city is the city-state of Xamaclan on the largest island. There is little trade between the other human civilizations along the Wild Coast and the Olman people of the islands, who usually keep to themselves.

The Serpent's Teeth: (Pirate Isles) This sparsely populated chain of fifteen islands are avoided by most as they are home to many wretched bands of pirates and corsairs who raid the sea lanes of the Shining Sea. The infamous Crimson Fleet is based out of these islands, their fleet harbored at the squalid coastal town of Scuttlecove. Although not as well-known as the Corsairs of Tar Vielca, these pirates have a well deserved nasty reputation. Another small city located here is Freeport.

Ruja: This island of towering, moss-clad cliffs is uninhabited, but serves as a safe harbor to provide fresh water and supplies for passing ships.

Sasserine: (pop: 22,236) This large, thriving seaport is located off Wyvern Bay, on the Wild Coast of Azoria. The city was founded in the year 553/6 by Ralani colonists fleeing from the horrors of the War of the Celadon. For a time, the city came under the control of the Republic of Kendar, but later managed to free itself. Today, it is a fully independent City-State.

The Wild Coast: the western shores of Azoria; dotted with human settlements dating back to the great colonies of the Kingdom of Ralas. The cities of Sasserine Shard, and Stonehaven are located here.



The most important and well-known seaports on the Shining Sea are: Freeport, Sasserine, Shard, Stonehaven, Syrene, Tar Vielca, and Vanzali.


• A: Port Blackwell
• B: Aviku River
• C: ruins of Tamoachan
• D: Cape Fury
• E: Castle Greenrock
• F: Tasalong River
• G: Renkrue
• H: Isle of Ruja
• I: Farshore