The Shorafi

The Shorafi were an ancient race of desert-dwelling peoples that founded the Empire of Shorafa.

About 4,300 years ago, that empire collapsed after the Plague of Madness, and left only scattered ruins as testament to the splendor of a magnificent civilization. The largest of these ruins is the lost city of Tanif.

The ancient Shorafi people evolved into the present-day people called the Vilzari, and the former Shorafi capital is the Vilzari city of An-Khara.



  • Anubis: god of death, tombs, and mummies
  • Apep: God of chaos, darkness, destruction, and snakes
  • Bast: goddess of cats, pleasure, and secrets
  • Bes: God of households, luck, marriage, and protection
  • Hathor: Goddess of dance, joy, love, music, and the sky
  • Horus: God of the moon (Vilzari Deity: Velok)
  • Isis: Goddess of magic, fertility, and rebirth (Vilzari Deity: Ariseti)
  • Khepre: God of freedom, and labor
  • Maat: Goddess of justice, law, order, and truth
  • Neith: Goddess of hunting, war, and weaving
  • Nephthys: Goddess of mourning, night, and protection of the dead
  • Osiris: God of afterlife, resurrection, agriculture (Vilzari Deity: Hesharu)
  • Ptah: God of architecture, crafters, creation, and metalworking
  • Ra (also called “Amun-Ra”): God of the sun (Vilzari Deity: Marzok)
  • Sekhmet: Goddess of fire, healing, vengeance, and war
  • Selket: Goddess of embalming, healing, and scorpions
  • Set: God of darkness, the desert, murder, and storms
  • Sobek: God of crocodiles, war (Vilzari Deity: Shi-Shad)
  • Thoth: God of wisdom, science, hieroglyphics
  • Wadjet: Goddess of water, rivers, and mercy (Vilzari Deity: Ak’Tai)