Shorafi Gods

The ancient Shorafi peoples of Shorafa worshipped a large pantheon of Gods and Goddesses. Since the modern-day Vilzari Pantheon is based on the ancient Shorafi culture, the present-day names for the respective Gods and Goddesses are included.


  • Anubis: god of death, tombs, and mummies
  • Apep: God of chaos, darkness, destruction, and snakes
  • Bast: goddess of cats, pleasure, and secrets
  • Bes: God of households, luck, marriage, and protection
  • Hathor: Goddess of dance, joy, love, music, and the sky
  • Horus: God of the moon (Vilzari Deity: Velok)
  • Isis: Goddess of magic, fertility, and rebirth (Vilzari Deity: Ariseti)
  • Khepre: God of freedom, and labor
  • Maat: Goddess of justice, law, order, and truth
  • Neith: Goddess of hunting, war, and weaving
  • Nephthys: Goddess of mourning, night, and protection of the dead
  • Osiris: God of afterlife, resurrection, agriculture (Vilzari Deity: Hesharu)
  • Ptah: God of architecture, crafters, creation, and metalworking
  • Ra (also called “Amun-Ra”): God of the sun (Vilzari Deity: Marzok)
  • Sekhmet: Goddess of fire, healing, vengeance, and war
  • Selket: Goddess of embalming, healing, and scorpions
  • Set: God of darkness, the desert, murder, and storms
  • Sobek: God of crocodiles, war (Vilzari Deity: Shi-Shad)
  • Thoth: God of wisdom, science, hieroglyphics
  • Wadjet: Goddess of rivers, water, and mercy (Vilzari Deity: Ak’Tai)