Freehold of Shoredale

Capital: Shoredale (population: 4,000)
Population: 25,000 (89% Rynnish, 7% Thaldain, 4% other)
Demi-humans: 8,000 (18% dwarves, 63% elves, 19% halflings)
Humanoids: many
Government: Freehold
Current Leader: Baron Stennis Garalt
Coat of Arms: a white horse on a deep purple field.
Imports: vegetables, grain, iron, gems
Exports: fish, livestock, few elvish crafts

Shoredale is the poorest and most decrepit Freehold on Corwyn, located on the eastern shores of the Athlan Myr.

The human town of Shoredale was once a beautiful elvish city called Malanäe, which was abandoned by the Wood-Elves after the fall of Thekarë in 1233/4.

When the Wood-Elves dwelt in Malanäe, it was a beautiful city; rich in culture, arts, and crafts. Now, the human civilization there is only a shadow of its former glory, with more than three-fourths of the city abandoned and left as crumbling ruins.

As a freehold, Shoredale has never been more than an impoverished Amari colony, made up of crumbling ruins, poverty and despair. Over the centuries, several small groups of poor and bedraggled humans emigrated here and tried unsuccessfully to prosper.

The current leader of the freehold is Stennis Garalt; a disgraced former Ammarindi Baron who fled his native kingdom to escape charges of fraud, theft, and embezzlement. The Baron dwells here in a self-imposed exile and rules over this miserable colony with cruelty and graft. Because of these dire conditions, Shoredale and its surrounding territories see very few visitors.

The city is accessible from the east via the nearly abandoned Theras-Alerë road or the west via ferry across the Athlan Myr to the city of Durfast.

For military protection, the Baron maintains a force of three-dozen household guards, and the Freehold has retained a force of 150 mercenaries, whose quality and loyalty is extremely questionable.