Sicard was a famous war chief of the Hüornen people of the Northern Wastes who led his folk against Marundi in the War of the Bloody Snow.

When Sicard was only a boy, King Morland of Marundi ordered a series of raids into the Northern Wastes which lasted for ten years and killed thousands of the Hüornen folk, including Thorag, the tribal chieftain and Sicard's father.

For Sicard, the murder of his father was the last straw and it sparked a huge, bloody rebellion. Sicard went around to every northern tribe, and gathered together all their best warriors.

He then launched an all-out offensive against the Kingdom of Marundi, marching southward and burning every village and hamlet his forces came upon.

The campaign was doomed from the start, as Marundi had far more soldiers, better equipment, and also had the weather on their side.

After months of marching in the freezing snow, the tribal warriors were hungry, weak, and in disarray. It was then, that the entire Marundian army sprung on them at a place known as the Frozen Ford.

Sicard was slain at the Battle of the Frozen Ford in the year 1230/6, and his fellow Hüornen tribesmen were defeated.

Sicard himself, was a very fierce barbarian warrior. Before dying, he personally killed King Morland and over fifty Marundian soldiers.


Today, Sicard remains a great hero to the Hüornen people. He was survived by his young son Rikard, who has taken his place as tribal chieftain.