Viscount Silas Tunston

Silas Tunston was a ruler of the freehold of Gr├╝enwald, who rebelled against King Corbray Crannock II of Elyria, in what came to be known as the Tunston Uprising. Silas was later murdered on the orders of Furion Whitacre; in a massacre known as the "Night of the Red Knives."

Lord Silas was an ambitious, bloodthristy noble from House Tunston; a notorious Vaas family, which hailed from the Varda Clan.

In a foolhardy gesture, Silas attempted to usurp the Ivory Throne from the Crannock Dynasty, After a bloody campaign lasting nearly four years, King Corbray II was slain in the Battle of Wendonford and the Uprising seemed to end in a victory for Silas and his vassals.

Soon after the battle, rebel forces captured Eron-Kelerath and prepared to coronate Silas as their new king. However, rival nobles led by Duke Furion Whitacre planned a bloody ambush within the castle walls, on the night of the victory feast.

Later that same evening; Silas, his family, and all his loyal vassals were murdered by Furion's men, while they slept. The following morning, after the massacre, Furion proclaimed himself the rightful king of Elyria. This treacherous act came to be known as the "Night of the Red Knives."