Silvaiya is the Elven-Goddess of the Forest.

Silvaiya is the daughter of Silvarion and the sister of Silvanus. This elvish goddess is the lady of the forest realm that the elves hold so dear, and protects them in their homes. As lady of the forest, Silvaiya is also the mistress of all animals, plants, and trees within it.

She is also the elvish Goddess of good fortune, and is seen favorably by most elvish folk. Silvaiya’s symbol is a golden wreath made from the first leaves of the Thanatäe in the elvish wood.

Silvaiya was also the creator of the Amaranth berries, which hold her essence in the liquid inside. The followers of Silvaiya are usually devout elvish priests and rangers, who wear dark green and gold robes as a symbol of their mistress’ power over the forest and the Amaranth.

There are many woodland temples dedicated to the elvish Goddess throughout the deep forests of Corwyn, but her largest temple is deep within Highforest.