Silvanus is the Elven-God of Magic.

Silvanus is the son of Silvarion, and brother to both Coregion and Silvaiya. As the Master of all elvish magic, Silvanus rules the Synfari which he created and controls all magical energy from his great staff, which is his symbol.

The followers of Silvanus wear bright blue robes to signify the power of the arcane arts and are made up almost entirely of priests, mages and sorcerers. Silvanus’ staff was created from the first Thanatäe, which spawned the Amaranth berry as well.

The followers of Silvanus strongly believe that magic misused is an affront to their God, and work steadfastly to prevent such misuse. It is because of this that the followers of Silvanus hold a special hatred of Alokkair and Sorimmar.