Silvar-Elves (Elder-Elves)

The Silvar-Elves of Corwyn; sometimes called the "Silvar." These ancient elves migrated to Corwyn at the beginning of the First Age. The Silvar established the magnificent elvish realm of Ectharë after defeating Calegorax and his army of evil dragons in the War of the Dragons.

When Ectharë was destroyed at the end of the Second Age, the Silvar-Elves divided into three groups that have essentially evolved into three different sub-races of elves known today: the Grey-Elves, the High-Elves, and the Wood-Elves. in Elvish lore, this event is called the "Sundering."

Legends say that there were four other small splinter groups of Elves in the world; the Sky-Elves, the Sea-Elves, the Wild-Elves, and the Rockseer-Elves.