Silvar-Elves (Elder-Elves)

The Silvar-Elves of Corwyn; commonly known as the "Silvar," or "Elder-Elves," were an ancient race who first migrated to Corwyn from Eryn Norvë at the beginning of the First Age and established the magnificent elvish realm of Ectharë.

Before the Elder-elves were able to complete their civilization, they were forced into a catastrophic conflict against a Red-Dragon Lord named Calegorax and his army of evil dragons. This terrible war between the elves and dragons dragged on for millennia.

After the Elves defeated Calegorax and his evil dragon army at the Battle of Merizath, they proceeded to build "Ectharë;" the greatest ancient civilization ever known. But even this elven paradise was later shattered by civil war, when a faction of evil elves tried to overthrow its King.

When the elven nation of Ectharë was destroyed at the end of the Second Age, the Silvar-Elves splintered into various groups that have, over the ages, evolved into the seven different sub-races of elves known today. In Elvish lore, this event is called the "Sundering."

The nine Elven races that exist today are: