Silvarils (Elf-Stones)

The Silvarils; commonly known as the "Elf-Stones," were nine magical artifacts created long ago by the Council of Sorcerë and given to the elves in return for their aid at the Battle of Orgorod.

Nine stones were created; three each of red, blue, and green. One of each color was given to the three elvish realms of Wyntharë, Thekarë, and Melinarë.

The three stones of Wyntharë are believed to have been taken off the continent when Ajathar left Corwyn and sailed for Eryn Norvë. The three stones in the northern Elf-realm in the Silvarwood are believed to have been lost when the city of Therakan fell to Alokkair in the Fourth Age.

Today, only the three stones of Melinarë remain; safely hidden within the city of Astrakan.