Silver Ravens

Brotherhood of paladins sworn to uphold justice and order on Corwyn, based at the Berevrom's Keep. The order was founded in the early Sixth Age by Lord Tetragon Donoräe, and the tradition has endured. The knights of Derianor are famous throughout Corwyn as the best equipped and most well-trained military force on the continent. The symbol of the Dernish knights is a silver eagle on a pale blue field, symbolic of the former greatness of the Ravinian Empire from which the order derived. The order currently has a little over 1,000 member knights, led by the famous paladin, Prince Varoth Donoräe. Membership is very strict, and most applicants are not accepted. Requirements for acceptance are excellent strength, dexterity, wisdom, and charisma. Most young boys join at age eight and train for nearly ten years before they are given their first mission. Clerics are also allowed to join as sworn priests of the order, and they are able fighters as well as healers. Most young boys who do not gain acceptance into the Silver Ravens order of Knighthood become priests of Shua or Ator, or simply become men-at-arms within the nation of Derianor, serving in the Watch. Currently, the Silver Ravens send many aspiring Paladins along the Derianor Road to protect travelers going thru the Wildlands.