Sinclair Dynasty

The Sinclair Dynasty was a line of Ralani rulers descended from King Atanamir, who assumed rulership of Serathyr in the year 668/6, after the death of King Ketharon Serati during the Battle of Sedgebrook.

Tragically, the House of Sinclair ruled Serathyr for only 27 years and only two monarchs sat upon the Amethyst Throne at Iron Crown Keep. The entire reign of this dynasty was marred by war and hardship. Atanamir was a great warrior who fought against the corsairs of Tar Vielca in the War of the Saltmarsh.

Then after that war ended in 668/6, he was called to war again only two years later when Sorimmar invaded the West in the War of Crows. Atanamir was slain in the Battle of Krell, along with three of four sons. Arondel; his only surviving heir, assumed the Dragon Throne upon his death.

Arondel ruled for only 20 years, until another pirate fleet from Tar Vielca reappeared and invaded his country again in the Second War of the Saltmarsh. The Sinclair Dynasty ended in 695/6 when King Arondel was slain in the Battle of Alordan and was succeeded by King Damron Hansafar; whose descendants still rule Serathyr today.

The Sinclair Monarchs of Serathyr

Atanamir 668-674/6 †
Arondel 674-695/6 †