First created by the Runelord Alaznist during the period of the ancient Iskari Empire to be used as shock troops; Sinspawn are tortured mockeries of humans. Twisted by vile rune-magic, they are consumed by an overwhelming hatred toward living beings.

Sinspawn appear as deformed humanoids; emaciated horrors with unnaturally long arms and legs. Their hands each have two talon-tipped fingers and a thumb, and their legs bend like those of a dog. Veins bulge all over their bodies, forming dark blue or red patterns that look like twisted runes. Their flesh is pale and hairless. A sinspawn's head is curiously elongated. They have only a pair of slits for a nose, and their eyes are bulging and red, with no visible eyebrows. Yet for all this horror, their mouths are the most disturbing, for their lower jaw splits in half at the chin into pedipalps that end in tiny three-fingered hands that writhe about, eager to feed delicious morsels into an open gullet with a lolling tongue.

A creature bitten by a sinspawn is overcome with feelings of anger and rage towards others. Those who succumb are so overwhelmed by these feelings that they have a hard time concentrating on much else. If they are bitten a second time, these feelings can become crippling.


Sinspawn were created with the use of an ancient Iskari device known as a "Runewell." When an exceedingly wrathful person dies in the close vicinity of a runewell, its soul is drawn into these artifacts. There its anger and frustration are siphoned off, after which the soul is released to continue its journey to the afterlife. When at least four wrathful soul energies have been collected, an an appropriate sacrifice is made (generally in the form of blood), the runewell is able to produce an adult sinspawn, immediately available for action. The creature is unable to procreate, but does understand its connection to the runewell, and will try to harvest wrathful souls for it.

In the ancient Imperial District capital of Arakhan; the Runelord Alaznist kept whole legions of Sinspawn at his beck and call. Due to their inherently violent natures, however, these creatures required nearly constant monitoring. After the fall of the Empire, the sinspawn quickly died out. The few found today are almost always located near a newly-awakened runewell.