Capitol: Sionjhäe (population: 167,000)
Population: 210,000 (83% Eloysian, 11% Hakeen, 6% other)
Current Leader: Vhaagos Kasai
Coat of Arms: A silver sword surrounded in red and yellow flames on a black field.
Exports: Gems, mercenaries, gold, spices, slaves, fragrances, timber,

The largest city in the known world and one of the legendary Seven Cities of Brass, located furthest north along the Bronze Coast, on the eastern shores of the continent of Avokhar, its closest southern neighbor is Thiele Graavos. The city was once part of the great Eloysian Empire, but is now an independent city-state. By far the largest, wealthiest and most powerful of the seven cities of Brass, the city competes with its neighbors on the Bronze Coast for market share in trade. The city-state has a small navy of 18 warships and standing army of 5,000 soldiers, but can call up as many as 20,000 in time of war. Sionjhäe also has the largest gem cutting and mercenary industries along the Bronze Coast. It is also known for exporting Gold from the mines located outside the city and its spice markets are famous as well.