(population: 65,000) Sirilath is the largest city in the realm of Morgoth and the former capitol of the kingdom of Adar.

The city is protected by high walls, and has a large military garrison. After the fall of Adar at the end of the Fourth Age, Sirilath was also the capitol of the smaller eastern realm of Drakhara. The city is accessible via the Adar Road which connects Sirilath to the city-state of Khorlanis to the north, and the city of Kuldhûr to the south and the Kurand Road, which connects the city to the far eastern city of Nakata.

The city of Sirilath is a dark and frightful place of fear and despair, ruled tyrannically by one of Sorimmar’s dark lieutenants, and his dreaded secret police. The city was once beautiful and bright when it was founded by the Amari long ago, but time, decay, and evil have made it a place of dread.