(population: 65,000) Sirilath is the largest city in the realm of Morgoth.

The city is protected by high walls, and has a large military garrison.

The city is accessible via the Adar Road which connects Sirilath to the city-state of Khorlanis to the north, and the city of Kuldhûr to the south and the Jade Road, which connects the city to the far eastern city of Nakata.

The city of Sirilath is a dark and frightful place of fear and despair, ruled tyrannically by one of Sorimmar’s dark lieutenants, and his dreaded secret police.

Local History

The city of Sirilath traces its origins back to the late Third Age, when it was founded by the Sirilan people, an ethnic group of the Thalari.

In the early Fourth Age, the Sirilan people fought bravely against the Amari invaders during the War of False Glory, but were defeated at the epic Battle of Vilharen.

Shortly thereafter, the city of Sirilath was conquered by the Amari, and most of its Thalari population were either killed or driven into exile.

After his defeat and exile, Elroth Penrose, returned to city and declared himself the first King of Adar.

He later ordered a massive castle built there to serve as his stronghold.

Capital of Drakhara

After the fall of Adar at the end of the War of the Pretender, the city fell into anarchy. Many years later it became the citadel of a new nation called "Drakhara."