Sixth Age: the "Age of Necromancy"

The Sixth Age; also known as the "Age of Necromancy," has lasted 1,247 years and began with the rebuilding of the West after the collapse of the Ravinian Empire. It has also witnessed the rise of Sorimmar as a threat to the West.

Many new kingdoms were founded as western men recovered from the Cataclysm. Early in the age, Sorimmar reappeared in the East and for the last 1,000 years there has been constant warfare and confrontation between East and West. The final showdown with Sorimmar began with the discovery of the lost Orenthir by a strange wizard.

Currently, the world is in a state of upheaval, torn by war, strife, and treachery. Sorimmar has begun his final invasion of the west. From his realm of Drakhara, he has sent armies of orcs and evil men west through the Salkröth gate into the Borderlands and the kingdom of Alveron. In the North, the realm of Marundi and the city-state of Khorlanis have allied with the Dark Lord and invaded Ammarind, assisted by armies of orcs led by Sorimmar’s lieutenants. In the South, the kingdom of Gwynne has betrayed the White Alliance and allowed Sorimmar’s southern armies to cross its borders unmolested and invade the southern regions of Alveron.

Further south, the kingdom of Eldara is besieged by hordes of Vilzari warriors who have swarmed across the Kerak barrier wall and invaded that kingdom. Total war rages on four separate fronts.

Even now, the kingdoms of the West are mobilizing their armies and calling up reserves, for their perils are great. Never in the last 1,000 years has such an enormous force been assembled by either the East or West. The ultimate showdown for control of the continent of Corwyn has begun.