Skarlahn Feyr

(population: 35,000) Skarlahn Feyr; which means "Hall of Red Stone" in dwarvish; is the capitol of the Red-Dwarves of the Southlands. Its name derives from the fact that the halls of this city are constructed entirely of dark red hematite.

Skarlahn Feyr is a major southern dwarvish city, located in the Cairn Mountains. The city was built by the southern dwarves of the Vorheis Clan in 925/2. It is the citadel of Kharos-Thûngol; the largest independent Dwarf-realm located in the south. The city is fiercely independent from the dwarvish realm of Orrek, but trades heavily with its northern dwarf cousins regularly via the Axeway; which runs all the way north to Crôm Feyr. The city also trades with the humans of Serathyr via the Saltcliffe Road, that runs to the city of Rastios.

Skarlahn Feyr is also home to one of the three remaining Elatir, or Rune-Stones. Skarlahn Feyr has always maintained good relations with the Ralani Kings down in Rastios, and for that matter, in Tymor as well. The trade here between the dwarves and the Ralani is the lifeblood of this region.