Skulks are a race of cowardly and lazy humanoids that live on the fringes of society. They appear as smooth-skinned, hairless humanoids with penetrating blue eyes and stony-gray skin that shifts and changes to mimic their surroundings.

Skulks are roughly the same size as adult humans, averaging 6 feet tall. However, the creatures are significantly more gangling and nimble, commonly weighing less than 150 pounds. Their skinny arms and legs help skulks squirm around obstacles and squeeze into narrow spaces. Skulks can live up to 50 years, but most die from violence, long before that.

Skulks steal what they need and do whatever they must, even committing casual murder; in order to survive. Their unabashed cowardice is perhaps their most widely known trait, but skulks don’t see themselves as particularly craven. Instead, they view their dishonorable behaviors as the most expedient method of survival. They hate all other races, viewing them as lazy and foolish, and think nothing of sneaking into a home, killing all the residents, and burglarizing what they can carry off without getting caught.

Skulks travel in small groups, rarely forming tribes larger than 15-20 members, because larger groups have quickly led to violent bickering and infighting. Murder between skulks is not uncommon, but most frown upon violence within their own group and will punish traitors with a quick death.

Whenever possible, skulks set up camps in discreet spots near larger human settlements, commonly inhabiting sewers, caves, or forests. Although their unsavory, murderous tactics often force them to relocate before local law enforcement manages to locate and destroy them.

Rogue is a favored class among skulks, for their natural abilities at stealth and sneak attacks fit well with this choice, but they also excel in the roles of clerics, fighters and rangers who specialize in ranged weapons, and rarely as wizards (particularly illusionists).

Skulks gather in small bands within or near human communities. When night falls they engage in raids that usually result in bloodshed; as mot skulks have an innate hatred for humans which can manifest itself in a murderous rage. The creatures always ambush their victims using darkness, deception, and superior numbers, to overwhelm them.


On the Continent of Azoria, the race of what are today called "Skulks," were once members of an under-privileged, shunned, human caste of an ancient nation called Sha'Dur. The Shadurians who would later become skulks, withdrew from the surface world through a strange magical ceremony that solidified their "untouchable" status. This bizarre ritual granted them natural camouflage, allowing Skulks the ability to blend in perfectly with their surroundings.


A racial variant of skulk has long existed on the Continent of Ikharos. These skulks have pale white skin and fat, doughy features. For many millennia, they were relegated to living underground as slaves in the mines of the Iskari Empire. These skulks adapted to the bitter cold temperatures by growing a thick fatty outer layer.