Skyfall was a cataclysmic event in which of a swarm of meteoroids impacted the Continent of Ikharos in the year 1137/3.

When the meteor struck the continent nearly 3,200 years ago, it resulted in the total destruction of the great Iskari Empire, as well as the nations of Kalinor and Jandelay. All three civilizations were consumed by earthquakes and massive tidal waves.

The cloud of dust thrown up by the meteor's impact settled in Oris' upper atmosphere and blotted out the sun for many years thereafter, plunging Ikharos into an "Age of Darkness."


The Iskari Empire was the first known human civilization on the continent of Ikharos. Raised from barbarism by the alien aboleth during the Age of Legends. Under the tutelage of the Aboleth, the Iskari people developed a highly advanced civilization with sophisticated culture, traditions, and powerful magic; the likes of which have not been seen since.

But their advancement caused the Iskari people to become arrogant and proud, and they no longer felt the need to obey and respect their strange aquatic benefactors. This angered the aboleth, and in retribution, they used their own magic to call down a massive, ancient meteor to destroy all life on the surface of Ikharos.

Legends say the Iskari were not without their protectors. When Aveena, the Iskari goddess of the moon, learned of the Aboleths' plan, she pulled Corwyn's moon from its orbit to intercept the massive meteoroid. The impact with the moon shattered the world-killing projectile into thousands of pieces, but did not slow or deflect it from its course.

Instead, its shards inflicted lethal wounds on the goddess's physical manifestation. Distraught by her death, Ivarian; the Iskari God of Magic, sacrificed himself by rendering the remaining meteor fragments inert, transforming Skyfall from a world-killer into one that, while still incredibly destructive, gave life on Ikharos a chance to survive.

When the fragments impacted, they nearly obliterated the surface of the continent of Ikharos and plunged its peoples into the Age of Darkness, but thanks to Aveena and Ivarian they did not destroy all life.



The destruction of the Iskari Empire, Kalinor, and Jandelay are the most well-known, but by no means the only effects of Skyfall. Many other major events occurred due to this cataclysmic event.

Destruction of the Aboleth Empire

Even though they had brought about the event, Skyfall had unintended consequences for the aboleth that they hadn't foreseen. They miscalculated the level of devastation the impact would cause, and the mighty earthquakes that followed also sent their own civilization into decline.