Slave Lords of Suderham

A notorious group of slavers who operate fleets of slaver ships that raid coastal areas of Rennsfar, Serathyr, and Eldara for new slaves. Many slaver ships make frequent stops at Slaver's Bay to buy and sell fresh slaves from the √úthrari. The base of operations for the Slave Lords is the hidden city of Suderham, located somewhere deep in the Shining Sea.

The Slavers from Suderham seem to favor the color yellow, and their nickname is the "Saffron Fleet" (this is, in fact, false; the truth is that the Slave Lords have a contract with the Saffron Legion; which has a private navy of slaver galleys on retainer. It has long been rumored that the Slave Lords have agents in many mainland cities and towns to facilitate raids and help them avoid the local authorities.

The nine known Slave Lords are: Areltas, Degrasse, Elredd, Markessa, Mordrammo, Najyra, Nerelas, Tyrano, and Zorn