Slaver's Road

The Slaver's Road; also known as the "Ul-Karad Road," is an important trade route that leads east from the Üthrari capitol of Ul-Karad to the Üthrari city of Ul-Samad, and its junction wit the Durendar Road.

The Slaver's Road then continues northeast through the Vakara Grasslands before ending at the Hakeen city-state of Zhin. The western segment of the road was built in the Fourth Age by Üthrar’s slaves, and is still maintained today by Üthrari slave labor.

The older, eastern portion was originally called the "Marsheba Road" and was built to connect the Hakeen cities of Zhin and Zocolo. When Zocolo was conquered in 310/4 by the Üthrari, the road fell into disuse.