Slavers: The Story


For several years now, the Kingdom of Eldara has been plagued with a series of kidnappings and disappearances, all along the Storm Coast. Reports vary, but there seem to be recurring rumors that a band of slavers are behind these heinous acts. Your party, having grown up in the area, is all too familiar with these reports. The incidents have an eerie similarity. At first, it was bands of kidnappers attacking travelers on the roads, and more recently, coastal villages and fishing hamlets have been openly attacked by sea-borne raiders. The only clues provided are reports of the ships having yellow banners, but that it not confirmed. Wild rumors abound about this, so-called, “Yellow Fleet,” and the locals are terribly afraid.

As of late, you have more pressing concerns. One member of your group has gathered you together for a quest. A local noble-woman; Dame Katrina Golde has contacted him/her, with an urgent plea. Katrina’s letter stated her brother has been kidnapped and she desperately needs your help.

Enclosed is an invite to the Windy Crag; one of the Golde family’s estates, located near the large coastal village of Varna.

You cannot help but wonder if Xander’s disappearance is someone related to this recent string of attacks….