Sokoro is one of seven original Duchies of Eldara.

When King Eldan established the Kingdom, he was backed by seven powerful Vassal Lords, all of whom were rewarded with large territories to govern. The seven stars on the Eldaran flag represent these seven great houses.

Following the Cataclysm, King Damion Irazadi subdivided each Duchy into three smaller Dukedoms, so the present-day Kingdom of Eldara has 21.

Half of the Sokoro lands were given to the newly created Duchies of Cheswyk and Rostrum.

Recent Events

The current ruler of Sokoro is Duke Henrik Javaris, who rules from the small Eldaran city of Thuvalia. He and Baron Avery Kromar are political enemies. Lord Javaris recently sent a representative named Milon Chath to Varistan to investigate corruption within the city, he never returned.