Sokoro Union

The Sokoro Union was a powerful Thannish stronghold that existed in the late Third Age.

The Union was later conquered by Valden the Conqueror and absorbed into his fledgling kingdom of Valdor. The capitol of the Sokoro Union was the city of Varistan.

The Sokoro Union was led by a line of Thannish nobles called "Princes." Prince Meraxas; the last ruler of Sokoro, was defeated in battle by Valden, but was spared. He later became a close friend and ally of the King in his later conquests.

Those human tribes of the Union that chose not to submit to Valden fled into the desolate hills and secluded valleys nearby.

Today, their descendants are called the Velskir barbarians; fierce, mounted tribes of raiders, who constantly plague travelers and rural villages in eastern Eldara.