Sol-Kathad; which means "Frozen Tower" in elvish, is an abandoned fortress, located along the northern coast of the Sea of Adar.

The fortress of Sol-Kathad was built in the late Second Age by the Dark-Elves, and was once their northernmost outpost.

After the conclusion of the War of Wrath, the Drow abandoned the fortress and it sat vacant for many years, largely because of its remote and desolate location.

In the Fourth Age, The Thalari King Algerd Marothe claimed the abandoned fortress as his own.

For centuries, the rulers of Thalar sat upon the Crystal Throne, which was located in the castle's highest tower.


Somewhere between the years 785-825/4, Sol-Kathad was consumed by a ferocious winter storm called the "Storm of the North," which lasted 40 years.

When the storm subsided, all that remained of the Castle's inhabitants were frozen corpses. Sol-Kathad has never been inhabited by men again.

Some legends claim that the great storm began when some terrible creature awakened from the crypts deep below the castle, and consumed the men living inside.

Afterward, that same evil presence spread throughout the entire Northern Peninsula.

Other legends have it; the Storm was the work of the Dark-Elves, who secretly returned to their ancient fortress and re-claimed it.

Sages agree that some evil presence exists which haunts both the fortress and the surrounding region, although its identity remains unknown.


Expeditions to Sol-Kathad

In the Fifth Age, King Kren Alaghon of Marundi launched an expedition to re-claim the castle and destroy the evil force plaguing the region.

The mission failed and Kren and his entire party were lost.

In the year 989/6, a second attempt was made by King Morland Uzren II to re-claim the castle. He, too, was slain and since then, no further attempts have been made.

The ancient road known as the Iceway leads to this abandoned fortress.

However the road is terrible condition, and the route is completely covered in snow and ice, making travel very treacherous.