located in the far-eastern foothills of the Alaghon Mountains, Sol-Kathad is a long-abandoned fortress with a sinister reputation.

Built in the late Second Age by the Dark-Elves, this vast fortress was once their northern-most outpost. Its elven name means: "Frozen Tower." After the conclusion of the War of Wrath, the Drow abandoned Sol-Kathad and it sat vacant for many years, largely because of its remote location.

In the early years of the Fourth Age, a Thaldain King named Algerd Baranov claimed the abandoned fortress and it became the farthest eastern outpost of Thalar.


When the Storm of the North struck Thalar, King Edgerd III fled from Al-Enoth and took up refuge within the ancient fortress. Sadly, the storm came for the fortress as well.

When the storm subsided, all that remained of the Castle's inhabitants were frozen corpses, and the King's sword; Peacemaker was lost forever.

Sol-Kathad has never again been inhabited by men. Sages agree that some evil presence still haunts both the fortress and the surrounding region, although its identity remains unknown. An ancient road called the Iceway once led to this abandoned fortress, is now completely covered by heavy snowfall.

Expeditions to Reclaim the Castle

In the Fifth Age, King Kren Alaghon of Marundi launched an expedition to re-claim Sol-Kathad and destroy the evil forces which were plaguing the region. Sadly, neither Kren nor anyone from his expedition returned alive.

In the year 989 of the Sixth Age, a second attempt to take back the castle was made by King Morland Uzren II. He, too, was slain and since then, no further attempts have been made.