Sorimmar the Necromancer

Sorimmar the Necromancer; more commonly known as the "Dark Lord," is a former member of the Council of Sorcerë and the ruler of Drakhara.

Sorimmar was expelled from the council and exiled by Empress Ravinia for his radical views.

Following his expulsion, Sorimmar was banished into the wastelands of the East.

For centuries, Sorimmar plotted revenge against the West for what he felt was a humiliation.

He was responsible for the fall of the Ravinian Empire and to this day, remains the single greatest threat to the good people of Corwyn.

By the beginning of the Fifth Age, Sorimmar was said to be the greatest mage on Corwyn, second in seniority only to the Saar Council leader; Thromm the Invoker.

His views on the role of magic in the world of men differed from those of the other Saar, and he was shunned and later expelled from the Council in the year 110/5.

Sorimmar was so embittered by being cast out; he swore revenge on the Council, the Ravinian Empire that supported it, and the entire West.

Sorimmar left Erôn-Mystarë to dwell far in the East, at Erôn-Mored, where he soon took control over a group of evil knights that ruled a small barbaric realm from that same fortress.

Over time, Sorimmar grew ever more powerful in sorcery and influence. So much so, he eventually controlled all seven kings of the eastern realms and the rulers of Vilzar in the south.

For centuries, the Dark lord plotted and waited for a traitor to emerge. Then he met Lord Malachar of Gwynne, with whom he made a pact to steal the Orenthir from the Empress and destroy the Empire once and for all.

In the year 621/5, Malachar stole the orb and murdered the Empress. Sorimmar then unleashed his orc hordes on the Empire.

This conflict, called "the Cataclysm," caused the Ravinian Empire to collapse and destroyed much of western civilization on Corwyn.

Ultimately, Sorimmar lost the Orenthir as well as his right hand at the Battle of Harkalad, and once again fled into the East.

However, his legacy remained; the Empire was gone and the Dark lord’s goals had been achieved.

Throughout the Sixth Age, Sorimmar rebuilt his strength once again, until he was again ready to invade the West in 1246/6.

Today, Sorimmar the Necromancer is the single most powerful and most dangerous enemy to the West that the people of Corwyn have ever faced.


Sorimmar’s legend goes back to the founding of the Council of Sorcerë in the early days of the Third Age.

There were to be nine Saar, or ‘wisemen,’ on the council, one for each of the schools of magic. Sorimmar was one of these nine arch-mages.

He participated in the creation of such wondrous artifacts as the Itharils, the Var-Illümen, and the Elanthir swords. He even helped forge the Orenthir.

With keen interest, Sorimmar watched as Alokkair grew powerful in the East. He saw him defeated twice, and finally slain in battle.

From this, Sorimmar learned Alokkair’s mistakes, and saw his own true potential as the master of the Continent. With the creation of the Ravinian Empire in the Fifth Age, Sorimmar rose to new heights as one of the empress’ closest advisors.

But his views on humanity and desire to dominate the empire, and someday rule it himself, soon saw him ostracized from the Council of Sorcerë and exiled from the empire.

In a controversial display of mercy, Empress Ravinia pardoned Sorimmar, but banished him to dwell forever in the East as an outcast or ‘Saugreth.’

Sorimmar never forgave this slight and vowed revenge on the empire and all the peoples of the West.

Through cunning and brutality, Sorimmar soon united the factions of the East into a new realm called Drakhara.

He created seven copies of the Elanthir swords and gave one to each of the seven kings of the East, binding them to his will.

These seven kings became the Zûl, or the Shadows, the most feared lieutenants of the Dark lord ever seen on Corwyn. Sorimmar then raised huge armies of orcs and men, and repeatedly assaulted the Ravinian Empire until it was destroyed in the Cataclysm.

Sorimmar was not ultimately victorious, for he too was defeated and forced into long exile. Now, he has risen again and is preparing to invade the West and destroy it once and for all.